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Why a smart home security system is worth it in Kansas City

April 13, 2022
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Only you can decide if a Kansas City home security system is worth it. But, you should understand that today's alarm systems consist of a great deal more than merely an assembly of motion and glass break sensors. Nowadays, your home security system is able to protect against disasters like fires and flooding and make your daily life more energy efficient.

Build with the basics to find out if home security is worth it

Intrusion is the number one reason to get a security system in Kansas City. For this reason, most cameras and detection devices zero in on burglar prevention. But a modern security system does more than simply protect your residence by blaring a siren. You can now receive smartphone updates, monitoring communications,and automation to assist in alerting you of an invasion when you're not home.

For example, if you are at work and someone walks up to your door, your smart doorbell will discern the activity. The device will automatically send a warning to your phone with video footage of your guest. You may then access the security app on your phone and speak with your guest through the 2-way audio feature, or have connected smart lighting come on, so it seems like you’re in the house. If a break-in actually happens, your home’s defense will instantly warn your 24-7 monitoring team, and they'll quickly contact the authorities.

A security system can protect you from flooding, CO, and fires

A wide range of emergencies could take place at your residence. CO leaks, fires, and flooding typically impact your home unnoticed and grow rapidly. Connecting different safety sensors to your home security system provides your fire alarms and other sensors the same functionality as your home intrusion devices.

When emergency strikes, your alarm’s siren will ring, signaling all occupants of the house to exit the premises. You could also get an alert to your smartphone, which is particularly beneficial when you're not home. Your monitoring agents are also notified, so they can reach out to first responders while you find safety.

24-7 monitoring immediately reacts to your home security alarms

24-7 monitoring is a leading consideration when figuring out if a home security system is worth it in Kansas City. By including monitoring, a real-life person reacts quickly to the alarm whether disaster results from a home invasion, flood, or something else. First, they will call you to ensure the alarm isn't malfunctioning and to ensure everyone is safe. Then they'll alert your local emergency professionals so they can head to your property fast.

Your smart home security package is able to make your property more energy conscious

Smart thermostats, lighting, locking systems, and more are able to pair with your home security system to let your house be more responsive and efficient. Direct all these smart devices from any location with your mobile security app or program your lighting and comfort levels to alter according to a preset schedule. You have the chance to save 10% or more on your monthly energy bills by utilizing the latest in home automation.

Get the rewards of a home security system today!

A comprehensive home security system in Kansas City is definitely worth the investment. To get the protection you deserve, contact our smart home professionals. Simply call (816) 357-9576 or submit the form below.